Sunday 31 January 2010

Snow Challenge

We were set a challenge to create a "SNOW" piece using pale blues, definitely appropriate for January given the amount of snow we had. I decided to use a photo I took  and get out my fabrics for a play. The finished piece is mounted on a 40 x 50 cm painted canvas.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Best Friends Birthdays

Carol and Penny both had birthdays recently, and as they are best friends I wanted to keep their cards similar ;-) Can't have them fighting over them now!


Monday 11 January 2010

Birthday Card

This was made for a forum friend recently on her birthday.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Welcome 2010

The first day of the year I woke up to find the world had turned white. It was so beautiful outside, with the sun shining and everything covered in snow, I had to go out with my camera and enjoy this amazing sight.

It was quite serene walking out with my camera in hand, trudging through soft pure snow, it was a magical start to the new year. I just hope it either improves so I can get to work on monday, or worsens so I can't ;-)