Thursday 31 May 2007

Texture - Photo Assignment

This weeks assignment for Feel Good Photos was to capture texture using light.

I found it quite difficult, and made a few attempts. I did get some shots which I was happy with in the end.

The bamboo basket I bought during the week, there were a bunch of body lotions and shower gels in it, and it was in a clearout sale for €3 - I really just wanted the basket, for my bathroom and to photograph ;-) I'm really pleased with the depth of field and angle of the image.

Next is this jewelery box I have had for about 100 years. I love the designs and old fashioned look. The first image is of it in place on the dressing table, then I tried to glam it up on the striking blue chiffon top. Although I kinda like the original image myself.

The final photo for the assignment was of the brick work at the front of our house. So its very simple but still there is a lot of texture.

I also tried to capture "Ted". He was a present from a very dear friend of mine, Sarah. And he is just such a cutie.

I found a lot of texture in the bathroom, and although I didn't submit these images, I think they might make a nice Layout.

Finally the Magpie in me liked the sparkly images of the chain and top below.

Sunday 27 May 2007

Social Climbing ;-)

Eamonn (Joe's Dad) yesterday received an award presented by Senator David Norris at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham for his great service to the RNLI . It was a lovely day and fabulous to be part of this acknowledgment of the great work done by the many volunteers.

The event is sponsored by the Office of the Taoiseach, and as a result the guest of honour is normally a Government Minister, however thanks to the election Senator Norris was asked to stand in!

He is a highly entertaining speaker and charming individual and it was lovely to meet him. He make such an effort to focus on each individual he meets with, and seems to have a special word for everyone. He was unassuming and happily joined our table with glass of wine in hand for an after dinner chat.

Friday 25 May 2007

Here Comes Summer

The ScrapWest theme this week was ..."Here Comes the Summer".

Having just got hold of one of my Grans old albums to copy I really wanted to use a photo from that, so I chose this one of my Gran and Grandad at the beach with her Mum and Dad. I'm not sure exactly when it was taken but I'm guessing the 1950's.

Thursday 24 May 2007

Shaping the Subject

These are the images I took for Cheryls workshop this week. It was a great workshop, but to be honest I've been so tired this week I really didn't feel particularly creative. Although, so far all the concepts I've learned from the workshops I will definitely be using regularly!

The first image is St Finbar's Cathedral in Cork City. I went to school just beside here and sometimes take for granted just how stunning this building is.

I particularly wanted to take some photos around this area as I am trying to put together a surprise album for my Mum for her birthday and she grew up around this area. The lamp-post is also from this area, at the bottom of the steps where my Mum played as a child.

My final image is of 'The Spire' in Dublin. Although I don't particularly like this particular monument, it does make quite a dramatic image!

Monday 21 May 2007


My little sister turned 30 this weekend! So a very special Happy Birthday to JILL!!!

She had a great party in the Ovens Bar in Cork. It was such fun to have everyone together, all dressed up and looking fab!

Of course there was a few sick heads on Sunday morning. But it was well worth it. Looking forward to your 40th now Jill ;-)

ScrapWest - Swirls

Jackie set "Swirls" as the fabulous ScrapWest theme for last week.

The photo is of my Grandad and my Gran-aunt, probably taken around 1918/1920.

I loved these fancy pants rub-ons, and the Basic Grey paper looks like it was made for them.

Thursday 17 May 2007


This weeks assignment from Cheryl was a silhouette shot. I was really hoping for some nice sunsets to get out in and get a few shots of old buildings and gnarled trees in the area.

However the weather conspired against me and left me unfortunately stumped with my homework deadline looming....

So while doing the regular Thursday evening taxi run to the local with the lads I spotted these little ornaments in Eddie and Val's and that little light bulb in my head blinked on!

I really like both, but I particularly like how the lighting affect on the 3 cats looks like they are on stage ;-)

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Standing Ovation...

... and so deserved.

Last night we went to see "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" at Dublin's Gate Theatre.

It was my first time at The Gate and it is a delightful venue, tastefully decorated with the delicious aroma of rich coffee wafting towards you as you climb the stairs, and charming staff on hand to serve you.

The play itself was marvelous. A captivating, clever and funny portrayal of a somewhat gruesome tale with a dramatic twist. The Actors were wonderful, particularly David Shannon as Sweeney Todd and Anita Reeves as Mrs. Lovett ~ both Johanna and Judge Turpin were also splendidly played, while Senior Pirelli was a wonderful piece of comic relief.

I really would recommend a visit as it is scheduled to run for some time yet. Check out The Gate Theatre's website for more details....

Sunday 13 May 2007

The Truth Comes Out...

I was told I had to share the truth of the self portrait for Cheryls class with you all!

I tried various poses and positions for my self portrait, including the photo in the mirror, and holding the camera at arms length and shooting on auto. But I just wasn't completely satisfied with any of these images.

Then I had the idea that I could use a stunt double! So Scooby-Doo kindly took some time off from his hectic schedule to be my stand in. ...

In fairness to him, he did a great job, and I'm grateful to him for his assistance.

So having composed the shot and focusing it, with the timer set, I sent Scoob's flying and jumped into place.....

I'm pretty happy that I managed to look like I'm all relaxed and in control of the situation. Just goes to show, looks can be deceiving ;-)

Another Busy Week

Sometimes it seems that time really does fly. This week has just disappeared!.

Tuesday we finally went swimming, after a month of not quite making it. It was fabulous. It's been so long since I went swimming, you forget how even though you can be shattered after a day at work, then 20 minutes in the pool just brings you to life!

Then there was a wonderful surprise when I got home....2 scrappy pressies ;-) My brag book had arrived from scrapaganza, and it is just gorgeous - a lovely 4" pink leather mini-book and co-ordinating accessories. And to top it my free gift from scrapbook inspirations was also waiting - a friskars tearing ruler.

Wednesday I went to a book launch, which was trés cool! Elaine's friend, Niamh Greene just had her first book published "The Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife".

There was a fabulous turnout, and delicious food and wine. {If you've never been check out Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street - a very upmarket deli and restaurant.} We had such a good giggle. It was lovely to have such a fun girly evening.

Monday 7 May 2007

Bank Holiday

I spent the holiday weekend in Cork visiting family. I needed the break and feel better for it.

We spent Saturday in Garryvoe with Eithne and Noel and had a lovely meal and a few glasses of wine and took a walk on the beach Sunday morning. Even though the weather was beginning to turn it was lovely to be by the seaside.

I took quite a few photos, but most were disappointing as the light quality was poor. Although a couple turned out ok.

For Cheryls' workshop we had to take a self portrait, to include our name somewhere, so I had to think abou that over the weekend. I took a bunch of shots and a few of them turned out ok, I liked this one in the mirror as I've been meaning to try a mirror self portrait for ages.

For the Workshop Forum though I went with this one, as it is warmer and clearer looking.

As I was in the mood for taking portraits I snapped a few more and I love this one of my Gran. It was spur of the moment, so not posed or expected, but really captures her.

Friday 4 May 2007

Mad Week

It's been one of those weeks for me, and in all honesty I'm glad it's over. Not that anything in particular happened to make it that way, but lots of stuff just seemed to get on top of me.

We went to see 'The Panel' being filmed on Tuesday night and although it was a really good laugh I wasn't particularly in the mood for a laugh. Then when it ran over time we missed the bus home and had to spend €30 on a taxi, which annoyed the hell out of me given the humour I was in.

In the end I decided I needed a trip to Cork to see my family and Joe who is being so sweet at the moment promised to take me down for the weekend. So tonight I am taking myself off to bed for a beauty sleep and looking forward to going to Cork for the Bank Holiday weekend.

I signed up to an online photography course with Cheryl Johnson this week and just got the intro tonight, I have to admit I am excited about this, and looking forward to the challenge of taking photos and showing them! So watch this space.