Wednesday 29 October 2008

Little Book of Ladies

This is a little mini-book I put together a while back. Its a 3D accordian style and quite tiny - only 6cm square. There are two layers of pages, with the images set behind the first layer to give a depth and frame to the individual images.

Another Colourful Card

Once again I haven't managed to blog in too long, but I haven't really been making much either. Anyway finally I got some energy back this evening - I cleaned up my craft space, finished a few projects that were too long outstanding and even got to tidy my blog!

Here's a card I made some weeks ago for a special friends' birthday - the background and beading is hand-done, and I wanted to keep the rest of the layout simple to focus on this.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Birthday Card

Don't know whats happened the last month, I haven't been crafting much, but what I have done I just haven't got around to photographing and publishing. Anyway I'll try and catch up over the next few days.

First up here's a birthday card I made for Annamarie who had a birthday in September.

I had great fun playing with the soft tones and colours - the stamped image and the background paper are both hand coloured.