Wednesday 31 March 2010

Chris's Tag

Chris has already received some fabulous tags on her childhood theme so the pressure was really on. But I think I came good for her ;-)

Jo's Tag

I really got into the "Quotes" themes for our tag swap, so I made Jo's early as it was on this theme too ;-)

The quote reads "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints their own nature into their pictures".

Monday 29 March 2010

Birthday Card - Eithne

It was my Mums birthday last week - right on top of mothers day! But I did manage to produce another card for her ;-)

Happy Birthday Mum - love you xxx

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Nubian Village, Egypt

This is another Eygyptian pic. I took this in a Nubian Village, it was one of those rare moments where you see a perfect photo opp - and actually manage to capture it!

Monday 22 March 2010

The Nile

There are 2 photos I took in Egypt on our Honeymoon in Dec 2008. I guess everything was so hectic at the time I never got around to blogging any photos, and have been meaning to for a while now. These are 2 of my favourites.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Mothers Day

As I'm blessed with 2 of the most wonderful mothers anyone could ever wish for I have to special cards to share today.

Thursday 11 March 2010

In Memory

My Grandad has been forefront to my mind this week, he was born on the 10th March 1909 and died on the 11th March 1989. Although I think of him all the time, this week is special and when I sat down to make a card tonight he was there in my head. So I did something I rarely do and made a card just for me.

The book page is from a story called "The Girl Who Loved Graveyards" - and I guess I do. I often visit my friend Sean and I laid my wedding bouquet on my Grandads grave when I married in 2008. Of course graveyards can be sad places, but for me it is somewhere to feel closer to those that I loved that are no longer with me.

The rusted heart felt right, even though its been 21 years, he's still very much in my heart, and I used my initial to signify this is my heart. The black ribbon signifies grandad and is attached with a brad bearing the letter "G".

Happy Birthday Grandad, I love you always.

Monday 8 March 2010

Carries Tag

Another quote theme, and I really got into the idea and made this piece for Carries Tag Book.


Its kinda hard to read the quote in the photo but it says, "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". (Shakespeare).

Debs Tag

Deb chose qoutes for her Tag Book theme, here's my contribution.