Thursday 27 November 2008

Look at Me!

I was lucky enough to meet and have my photo taken by Anita Mundt at the Halloween Mega Scrap. Anita is such a lovely, thoughtful person and a very talented photogrpaher.

I just had to share the amazing photos she took with you, and recommend if you ever get the opportunity try and book a shoot with her. I believe she is hoping to return to Ireland in the spring so if you're interested contact her through her site ~

Unless you're a successful model you probably don't feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, but somehow Anita manages to put you completely at ease. Just talking with her for a short while she uncovers your personality and highlights elements of your personality in her work, making you feel right at home in front of the camera.


Anita is also responsible for the great photography challenge site - Her Space, My Space, His Space which is well worth checking out for some inspiration.

Birthday Card

This is a slightly unusual card, but I really like it.

It started life as a mini canvas and ended up as a birthday card for the very sweet Karin. Playing with inks on the canvas was fun, and layers of colour built up quite easily. I also wanted to get a feeling of nature, dimension and texture on the piece and the elements came together well. A boring card backing just wasn't good enough, but the embossed metal sheet coloured with alcohol inks was the answer to that problem.


Sunday 16 November 2008

Those Eyes

Well I keep saying I want to play around with photoshop more but never seem to have the time. But this I managed to do in a few minutes in Picassa, and it was great fun.

The original photo was a not particularly flattering photo of my lovely sister Jill, and I thought what can I do to improve this.... Well Jill (as you can see) has the most stunning eyes, so I decided to focus on them, blowing out some of the detail and keeping the image to a simple two colour combination.

I love the result and must find the time to play with a few more photos soon.

Sunday 9 November 2008

Celtic Girl

Well this is the third and last of the tiles left over from my kitchen. I started this piece so long ago and couldn't seem to finish it. Anyway I finally managed it last week. Its an image transfer decorated with alcohol inks and stickles. The celtic embellishment is handmade to compliment the celtic style and the tile was finished by drilling holes and threading ribbons through to hang it up.

I wanted to give this to someone and I thought it was just perfect for the lovely Anne Lise - a very talented Norwegian blog friend of mine, who loves things Irish ;-) so its on route to her. If you get a chance check out her blog she has some fabulous creations on there.

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Paper Making

I was excited to take a paper making workshop with Hungarian artist Tunde Toth a little while ago. She has been making paper for 11 years and runs Kozo Studio and Gallery in Kilkenny, Ireland. At this absorbing workshop we learned the basics of paper making: preparing the pulp, creating the paper sheets, adding texture and fibres to the paper and also some colouring techniques.

Many of us work with paper on a daily basis, adding colour, design techniques and embellishments, forgetting the beauty intrinsic to the paper itself. Tunde's class brought me back to basics and reminded me to love the paper for itself - not just as a means to an end.

Paper sheet textured with a wire comb:

Paper sheet with rafia and natural fibres inlaid:

Plain Paper coloured with Fabric Dye:

Textured paper coloured with fabric dye:

Textured paper coloured with fabric dye and poster paint:

Coloured as pulp with dried flowers inlaid:

Coloured as pulp, book-jacket style:

Crazy fibres as book-jacket hinge:

Plain paper with silk fibres inlaid:

Plain paper with inlaid dried flower designs.