Tuesday 1 December 2009

12 Days - White Balance

Todays exercise was testing out the different white balance options on your camera to see the difference. And it really is something worth trying out, especially for christmas shots, where most of the shots are indoors in poor light.

While I was playing I took this shot which I really liked as it has a real christmassy feel.

The picture was shot completely in the dark, using a flourescent white balance setting, a 30" exposure and using only a flourescent torch to light the subject, which I moved around slightly to light up the different elements.

Off now to finish off the wine - well couldn't let it go to waste ;-)


Kaz said...

none of that meant anything to me except the drinking of the wine...LMAO
the photography stuff is over my head, but it is a gorgeous pic, and very christmassy. well done moo xox

Audrey said...

well thats the only bit that really matters Moo LOL!!!!

Karin said...

Fabulous picture moo, hope you enjoyed the wine. :o)

alcoholinky said...

that's fabulous!

alcoholinky said...

in fact I've come back again for another look. just love the way you've used the lighting.