Thursday 24 June 2010

The old Hamar Cathedral

In Hamar where the craft event was held there is the most wondeful ruined Cathedral, which has now been enclosed in a modern glass house to protect it and also allow services to continue on the site. I took a walk there on Sunday morning, and was very lucky to arrive during a special confirmation service held by the Bishop of Oslo. There were bells ringing, and the most beautiful hymnal music and singing. It was a perfect moment.


Carol Q said...

don't know if that works for me - such a weird mix of old and new.

Kaz said...

beautiful again, wow. it looks like you were in the sun all the time!! you not got any crafting photos? you must have made something gorgeous? x

Karin said...

This looks like the oddest thing to do with a ruin. Must have seemed very strange. At least the weather was kind to you.