Sunday 27 January 2008


We had the first 'shoot' for my Creative Photography course this morning. It painfully required me to drag myself out of bed at 6am and make my way to Glendalough for dawn. I found it a challenging situation, and felt a bit lost to be honest, but saying that I did get a couple of images which I liked.

This is probably my favourite image, I just love how the water flows over the rocks. This is the result of a long exposure, in near darkness. I don't think I've ever done such a long exposure before - but I love the effect and the colour combination / tones of the dark blue water and red in the background hills. Techy Stuff: Ap f8 / S 30" / Focal 18mm

This is probably my second favourite image. Although it seems too dark, I tried to lighten it slightly, but found I prefer it the way it is. There is such a dramatic feel to the colours - the dark, velvety black trees on the burnt umber hill and the rich blue of the sky. Techy stuff: Ap f8 / S 160 / Focal 82mm

I like this shot, although this slant to the foreground doesn't normally work it does in this instance. I would like to maybe lighten the background foliage, but keep the sky as is. Otherwise I'm happy with it. Techy Stuff: Ap. f8 / S 40 / Focal 18mm

This image is unusual particularly in composition, but I quite like the result. I was pleased to capture both the sky and the grain of the stone work without under / overexposing too much. Techy Stuff: Ap f16 / S 6 / Focal 48mm

As with the previous image I'm fairly happy with the exposure on this shot, and I'm pleased with the result of the composition too. Techy Stuff: Ap f8 / S 15 / Focal 18mm

My final image from Glendalough is of the stone crosses in the graveyard. I like the grain on the stone, and the soft focus of the background cross. Techy Stuff: Ap. f11 / S 13 / Focal 42mm

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joanne wardle said...

they are fabulous!! no way could I get up that early for photos though, I'd have to do it the other way and just stay up.
The first one is my favorite to but they are all great with some really quirky (good quirky) compositions!!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...


The first is my favourite :0)... this is going to be a brilliant course I bet. Great for your scrapbooking too.

Seona said...

Beautiful shots Audrey!

Gillian said...

Stunning pics and way to go for the photography Audrey, thanks for sharing :)

Em's Blog said...

gorgeous photo's Audrey!!!

JACKIE M said...

Great photos Audrey,Could do with a new course myself, Great time of year for it too.

Kaz said...

WOW at the first one, absolutely stunning. love them all.

Lainey said...

Wow Auds- love your photography. The Glendalough shots are amazing!