Sunday 27 January 2008

Ruined Tryptch

The first shot was my favourite of a number I took of this ruined church. I liked playing with the composition and focus area as I zoomed in on the subject.

Ap. f11 / S. 50 / F. 18mm

Ap. f18 / S. 30 / F. 50mm

Ap. f8 / S. 100 / F. 200mm
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Paula said...

Fantastic photography.

Greensleeves said...

Fab photos, Audrey, they are absolutely perfect. Love the old ruins, I think they will also make excellent backgrounds for mystic cards.

Em's Blog said...

love the ruins!

Carrie said...

Love the top piccie Audrey - Definitely could be worked into your art. Fab photos by you.

Scrappelise said...

You are a great photographer Audrey! It must be nice when you are able to take pictures like that. so I hope you will put more pics here from the beautiful nature in your country.

Kate said...

Great Photos Auds.
I've tagged you over on my blog with an award.

eva birdthistle said...

Audrey, these photos are amazing, you must be loving the class :)

BTW, "you rock" check out my blog :)

Kaz said...

gorgeous pics, what a beautiful old ruin...really gorgeous.

Karin said...

Fantastic Photos Audrey. Love old buildings and ruins.

joanne wardle said...

I love how the focus of your attention changes as you get closer. great photos

jasminduft said...

Wow! Those pictures are fantastic!

Bernadette Matthews said...

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