Sunday 16 November 2008

Those Eyes

Well I keep saying I want to play around with photoshop more but never seem to have the time. But this I managed to do in a few minutes in Picassa, and it was great fun.

The original photo was a not particularly flattering photo of my lovely sister Jill, and I thought what can I do to improve this.... Well Jill (as you can see) has the most stunning eyes, so I decided to focus on them, blowing out some of the detail and keeping the image to a simple two colour combination.

I love the result and must find the time to play with a few more photos soon.


Kaz said...

that looks fab Audrey, gorgeous eyes your sister has!

joanne wardle said...

I thought they were your eyes, the resemblance is remarkable. great picture

Elisa said...

Love the final image, her eyes are striking!

Love what you did with the tile too!

eva birdthistle said...

Wow stunning, can see you using this in your work!!!

Scrappelise said...

And you have the same eyes Audrey! The picture is so fantastic! :-)