Wednesday 5 November 2008

Paper Making

I was excited to take a paper making workshop with Hungarian artist Tunde Toth a little while ago. She has been making paper for 11 years and runs Kozo Studio and Gallery in Kilkenny, Ireland. At this absorbing workshop we learned the basics of paper making: preparing the pulp, creating the paper sheets, adding texture and fibres to the paper and also some colouring techniques.

Many of us work with paper on a daily basis, adding colour, design techniques and embellishments, forgetting the beauty intrinsic to the paper itself. Tunde's class brought me back to basics and reminded me to love the paper for itself - not just as a means to an end.

Paper sheet textured with a wire comb:

Paper sheet with rafia and natural fibres inlaid:

Plain Paper coloured with Fabric Dye:

Textured paper coloured with fabric dye:

Textured paper coloured with fabric dye and poster paint:

Coloured as pulp with dried flowers inlaid:

Coloured as pulp, book-jacket style:

Crazy fibres as book-jacket hinge:

Plain paper with silk fibres inlaid:

Plain paper with inlaid dried flower designs.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

You MADE these?!!! OMG these are fantastic Audrey...I bet you are really pleased with the results. Incredible.

joanne wardle said...

wow they are amazing. the one that doubles as a hinge is pure genius!

Kaz said...

WOW every single piece on here is gorgeous, I wouldn't do anything more to them either!! well done moo xx

Carrie said...

these are fabulous pieces of work Audrey - absolutely love them all.

Chris said...

Gosh, Audrey, they're amazing. Would never have thought you'd made them from scratch. Fab

Elisa said...

It is great fun, isn't it?
I did a paper making course ages ago, but i have to say, your results are much much better!

alcoholinky said...

wow - love these Audrey. the textures are fab. I can just see a little hand bound book being made out of these.

maddy hill said...

oh wow ! i bet you had a fabulous time there ! great paper looks soo good !

Nicole said...

Wow...fabulous.....want to try this myself some day...