Monday 2 February 2009

Wire Wrapping

While visiting BDI - the fabulous Bead shop in Bray at the weekend, I was lucky to get one-on-one instruction from the staff on wire wrapping stones. A forum friend of mine asked would I share what I'd learnt so here it is.

I'm new to this, so I don't suggest I can offer the best advice on technique, but I did enjoy working on this project at home, and I hope you like it. Or if you have any tips, hints or tricks to share please leave a comment ;-)

  • Stone
  • Wire: 20 guage (ga) and 24 ga
  • Masking tape
  • Tools: wire cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers

  • Cut 2 lengths of 20 ga wire approximately 3 times the circumference of the stone

  • Hold the lengths side by side and wrap the 24ga wire around the centre point approximately 7 or 8 times. Start and end the wrap at the same side so the rough edges face into the stone, trim the ends and make flush with flat nose pliers

  • Repeat wrap to either side - keeping the original wires in line with each other

  • Wrap the wires around the stone with the binding wraps at central points on 3 sides
  • Tape the wires in place to hold

  • At the top bend the wires using the flat nose pliers to meet at a 90 degree angle pointing up - do not let the wires cross over each other

  • Using the 24 ga wire wrap the adjoining ends together

  • Using the flat nose pliers start to bend the wires around the stone - the tension added to the wire at this stage holds the stone in place securely, you can remove the masking tape

  • At the top bring 2 wires to the fore and bend 2 back out of the way

  • Form a loop by bending the front wires back - either freehand or using a pencil or similar to shape

  • Fold completely behind and wrap down with 20ga

  • You can snip off any excess and complete the stone at this stage or continue to embellish the stone further
  • I added some celtic swirls using the excess wire - I curled the ends of both 20 ga wires and interlinked them with the wire wrapping the stone to hold in place securely

  • I then curled the 24 ga from the top to create the final swirl


joanne wardle said...

love this Audrey, it looks amazing

Chris said...

Wow, Audrey, this is stunning.

Scrappelise said...

You are so talented! It looks so nice and I like so much the circles. It gives it the special Irish look.

alcoholinky said...

wow fab Audrey, that's really clever and looks great.

Maria Matter said...

Absolutely stunning!!!
Your blog is awesome....beautiful wedding pictures, Congratulations!
Blessings, Maria

Carrie said...

I'm blown away, I saw what was in the shop and now this, absolutely gorgeous Audrey - I love it. Well done on doing the tutorial and lucky you with your private tuition!! I'm going back there on me own! lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow Audrey, this is really fab and am going to try and follow step by step. If I get stuck I know who to call;) Jacinta

Karin said...

This is fantastic Audrey. Thank you for the brilliant tutorial too. I'm itching to give this a try, once I've found the right stone.

kathj said...

wow that is cool

Lorraine said...

I will have to have a go at this as it looks great and would be ideal for the summer when I am always collecting pebbles as a memory..thanks very much for sharing this

Sshaythiel said...

Wow this is fabulous....:-)

JACKIE M said...

Wow Audrey that is a work of art well done perfecting it up so fast !!!

noelle said...

I love this Audrey, thank you for the tutorial :)

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Oh wow Audrey! You made that look easy! I am still struggling trying to make the loop for my earrings! Hats off to you! I might get out my tools and give this a go over the weekend, if you see a post it went well and if not, well I will just keep going!

Its just beautiful, I love the celtic'ie feel of it! Hope you are well and settling into married life! Adored your dress btw, just my cup of tea, will call on you when I need to go dress shopping!
Take care, hugs mandyxx