Monday 2 February 2009

Wow it's Really Snowing

I was glad to get home tonight as the roads were treacherous driving from the train station. But what fun I had when I got home. Just outside our house lots of neighbours were building snowmen, and it was so much fun chatting, throwing snowballs and larking around.

We don't normally get quite so much snow here so it was a real thrill. Not sure how I'll get to work tomorrow -but for now I'm having lots of fun being a kid again ;-)


Jenny Davies said...

This snow is wonderful. I'm so pleased to have finally actually had some snow as opposed to saying it's just a dusting!

Gorgeous photos & love the snowman!! x

PS Have bookmarked your blog to my favourites! ;o)

Seona said...

Cool I'm so jealous!!! x

joanne wardle said...

isn't snow BRILLIANT!!!!

kathj said...

mr & mrs snow man! You defenatly got more snow than us. Fair play to you for getting involved in the snow! I wimp out because its too cold.

Scrappelise said...

Perfect snowmen! How cold is it over at you now? here it is 18 cold Celcius degrees at the moment... brrrr! Can`t enjoy the snow when it is so cold.

Elisa said...

I don't understand, are we the only ones without snow. OK, we had snow, but it just melted.

My children are severely disappointed, I think the problem is that we live too close to the coast. :-(

Love the Christmas tag above.