Friday 30 March 2007

Visiting Prague (3)

On our last day in Prague we walked around Petrín Park - the funicular railway wasn't working, and after 2 days of walking I found it hard going! We stopped for more creamy hot chocolate halfway and then slowly wandered our way to the top. It is a lovely park, and the trees in full blossom were just so pretty, but honestly, I'd have preferred a less arduous walk on the last day, being so tired and all.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat in an Italian restaurant near the old square, and caught one final tour before we had to leave. The tour was a short walk around the quiet streets and hidden squares of Prague, culiminating with a boat trip around the Charles Bridge. The boat trip was fun, we had ice-cream and beer and relaxed while hearing some historical tales, about the river Vltava (meaning 'Wild Water') and the incredible changes to this impressive European city through flooding and 40+ years of communist rule.

It was a great trip, the highlight for me being the Mucha Museum, and the incessant stream of Art Nouveau influences visible throughout the city.

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eva birdthistle said...

After reading about your trip really makes me want to go! You have some wonderful photos, can't wait to see how you scrap them :-)