Tuesday 27 March 2007

Visting Prague (2)

Our second day in Prague we took a trip to Karlstein Castle, 25k from Prague. An historically important castle since the time of Charles IV in the 14th Century.

The weather was poor, but the mist lent an atmospheric quality to the trip, this photo taken at the sloping entrance to the castle reminds me of Gustav Klimts' painting, 'The Forest'.

Karlstein Castle is impressive, originally constructed in the 14th Century as a treasury for the crown jewels. The current structure is predominantly a 19th Century reconstruction. The trip finished with creamy hot chocolate in a little cafe near the castle.

On returning to the City we visited the Mucha Museum, which was incredible. They showed a genuinely interesting audio-visual film about his life (so that is a first!). And there were a number of his original artworks, and sketch books, as well as the obligatory litho-prints of his work.

We wandered around the city for a while, and were about to head back to the hotel when we came across the Easter Markets which had been set up in the old square.

There were stalls selling local pastries, beers and souvenirs and a stage with local children performing traditional song and dance routines in costume, it was very sweet.

I took this photo of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and love the faery tale quality of the Gothic steeples and the up lighting.


Kate said...

Hi Audrey, Lovin the blog, Prague looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see the LO's you do with these fabby photos. They're stunning. Gonna add you to my Links list, hope that's OK? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey

Its meg here, well done on the blog, the photos are really good and will be checking the site more often :) i got the link from Kate's blog.
Anyhow was lovely to meet you today and waiting for more photos from lovely Praque !

Sean said...

Thank you for nice pictures and interesting blog!
I know the historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites!
I visited Prague, it is a city of unique and awesome beauty! We booked in Prague accommodation for 3 days!
Most of I liked Prague Castle and Golden Lane!
It was very interesting trip!