Friday 27 April 2007

Time Flies

I can't believe it is a week already since Crafteire, I honestly don't know where this week has gone. It has been a week of work, cleaning, solicitors, banks and insurance companies. While what I really wanted to do was spend all week crafting to finish all the lovely projects I started at Crafteire.

The sun was shining again today, and as I drove home from work I decided I had to get out and take some photos this evening while the weather is so fine. So I called Eddie to see if he would come out to play......

We went to Maynooth to drop keys off for Valentina, and I suggested we try Carton Walk which I have been meaning to do for years! It's a lovely straight path running from the Main Street in Maynooth to Carton House. Unfortunately the light was starting to go by the time we got there, but I got a few photos I am happy with.

Having seen the wonderful shots Kirsty Wiseman took last weekend I'm determined to improve my skills at photographing people. One important thing I learned is that not only the technical photography stuff is important, but knowing how to direct people to pose is a very valuable skill to develop, so I want to work on that.

I like the photo of Eddie, it's captured good depth of field, and I even managed to get him to pose a bit - instead of hands hanging at his sides I got him to hold the camera and I think it does help the composition. Mind, I don't think Kirsty need worry about the competition any time soon ;-)

The photo of the walk captured the softness of the trees quite well, and I was particularly happy with the tiny yellow flower I captured, which stands out so well against the background. While lying on the ground shooting the flower I spotted the leaf and twig, I just loved the patterns on the leaf and had to snap it too.

I'm so glad I went out 'shooting' tonight. I felt so relaxed as we sauntered back to the car, and for the first time this week I didn't care about rushing about and all the things I have to get done, for a few minutes I just enjoyed now.


JACKIE said...

Great pics Audrey that second one is like a mirror image,I can imagine you lying on the ground taking the pic of the flower LOL.

Tigger's rambling said...

Fantastic photo's, I love the one of the leaf on the ground :-)

Carrie said...

Beautiful photos Audrey - you have a good eye (or two!)