Thursday 24 May 2007

Shaping the Subject

These are the images I took for Cheryls workshop this week. It was a great workshop, but to be honest I've been so tired this week I really didn't feel particularly creative. Although, so far all the concepts I've learned from the workshops I will definitely be using regularly!

The first image is St Finbar's Cathedral in Cork City. I went to school just beside here and sometimes take for granted just how stunning this building is.

I particularly wanted to take some photos around this area as I am trying to put together a surprise album for my Mum for her birthday and she grew up around this area. The lamp-post is also from this area, at the bottom of the steps where my Mum played as a child.

My final image is of 'The Spire' in Dublin. Although I don't particularly like this particular monument, it does make quite a dramatic image!


Maura Miller said...

Lovely photos and a fab lo

Ithiad said...

Ha. Two American tourists stopped me on Western Rd to ask me about Finbar's just yesterday.

Come to Cork Friday week and we'll go see the Sultans of Ping. Think that will bring back the memories too.