Monday 7 May 2007

Bank Holiday

I spent the holiday weekend in Cork visiting family. I needed the break and feel better for it.

We spent Saturday in Garryvoe with Eithne and Noel and had a lovely meal and a few glasses of wine and took a walk on the beach Sunday morning. Even though the weather was beginning to turn it was lovely to be by the seaside.

I took quite a few photos, but most were disappointing as the light quality was poor. Although a couple turned out ok.

For Cheryls' workshop we had to take a self portrait, to include our name somewhere, so I had to think abou that over the weekend. I took a bunch of shots and a few of them turned out ok, I liked this one in the mirror as I've been meaning to try a mirror self portrait for ages.

For the Workshop Forum though I went with this one, as it is warmer and clearer looking.

As I was in the mood for taking portraits I snapped a few more and I love this one of my Gran. It was spur of the moment, so not posed or expected, but really captures her.


Carrie said...

great photos Audrey - sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

JACKIE said...

Great photos Audrey,Lovely one of your Gran.

CarolineO said...

Lovely pics Audrey, love the Granny one too!

Kate said...

Lovin your pics Auds.
I have great memories of Garryvoe, we used to go there every years on our hols when I was a kid.
We used to stay in the only hotel that was there and there was two little shops around the corner.I would spend all my pocket money in one of them and you should see the thing I would buy. I'd say the woman who owned it loved to see me coming every year.
Gosh I haven't been there in nearly 20 years I'd say.That brings back memories. :-)