Friday 4 May 2007

Mad Week

It's been one of those weeks for me, and in all honesty I'm glad it's over. Not that anything in particular happened to make it that way, but lots of stuff just seemed to get on top of me.

We went to see 'The Panel' being filmed on Tuesday night and although it was a really good laugh I wasn't particularly in the mood for a laugh. Then when it ran over time we missed the bus home and had to spend €30 on a taxi, which annoyed the hell out of me given the humour I was in.

In the end I decided I needed a trip to Cork to see my family and Joe who is being so sweet at the moment promised to take me down for the weekend. So tonight I am taking myself off to bed for a beauty sleep and looking forward to going to Cork for the Bank Holiday weekend.

I signed up to an online photography course with Cheryl Johnson this week and just got the intro tonight, I have to admit I am excited about this, and looking forward to the challenge of taking photos and showing them! So watch this space.

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Karva said...

there is not place like home :0 ) enjoy the rest of your weekend Auds, Fab pics from Glasnevin