Monday 3 December 2007

Happy Birthday to Me ;-)

34 today ;-)

Fairly quiet as birthdays go, but as I'm recovering from a rotten flu I really didn't feel like celebrating much. Saying that I got some lovely cards and pressies through the post from friends and family, and also at work.

After work Joe cooked a yummy dinner and followed it with chocolate birthday cake. I took a photo of the cake with the amazing new lens I got as a present ;-)

So not a bad day really - thanks to everyone who thought of me and made it a special day!


Evonne said...

Happy Birthday Audrey - sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Elisa said...

A bit too late but Happy Birthday!

Lovely cake and glad you are using your pressie.

Pat C said...

Hi Audrey! Congrats on the birthday - just wait till you are 40 like me and Joe... Enjoy the blog, and if you ever need a loan of some more nikon gear ( just got a nice 135-400 zoom) ping me and its all yours... Dodgy Pat strikes again!

kathj said...