Sunday 29 July 2007

Cavan Retreat

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on the most relaxing scrapping retreat in Cavan. It was a last minute decision as I didn't get the apartment keys as expected. And what a welcome break it was.

The Silver Bear Centre was a fabulous location. Perfectly set up as a crafting environment, with great facilities for coffee breaks - and even the odd biscuit.

Elaine kindly drove us up, we scrapped the morning away and then chilled outside for lunch. It was so relaxing I didn't want to come home. The afternoon was filled with more scrapping time, and then sadly to home.

Thanks so much Annamarie for such a wonderful day - I really hope I can make the next one. Thanks also to all the other ladies for such great company. See you all soon. x


Kate said...

Gosh it looks like ye all had a fab relaxing time. C'mon let us see some of the work you did then. LOL:-)

Marlou said...

you lucky thing Audrey sounded like such a relaxing time :) xx
I just tagged you , list 7 things about yourself then tag 7 others, thanks Audrey take care x

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