Sunday 15 July 2007

Mid Summer Nights Dream

Yesterday evening we attended a magical performance of a Mid Summer Nights Dream in Belvedere House.

We picnicked on the lawn, in the rain, before the show (admittedly under a big umbrella, while sitting on a waterproof rug), but it was still great fun.

Thankfully the rain cleared up for the play to start. And the actors threw themselves into the performance with great gusto - even rolling around on the mucky ground ;-)

I was so excited about attending an outdoor performance of this play, and I really wasn't let down. Even the early rain enhanced the experience as the sweet smell of the damp grass lent an authentic feel to the play!

And the suns' light was so amazing as it glistened on the trees.

I'm so pleased I had the opportunity to see this. It really was magical.

Now I'm really looking forward next weeks Harry Potter fancy dress party!

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Karva said...

WOW Auds the pics look fab, so glad you had a good time