Tuesday 3 July 2007

Up Close & Abstract

This was the brief for our homework for Cheryl this week.

I started out with no real ideas, other than trying the old food colouring in milk trick if I was stuck. Anyway tonight I cast my eye around the craft room, and hey presto!

I have to admit the ink palette images are so simple, I almost feel like its cheating ;-)

But I am so pleased with the impact of them, I had to run with them.

Finally, the Diamond Lines were really fun to shoot, as it was a challenge to get the lighting right for them. Although in fairness, even though it was a much harder shot to take, it just doesn't have the same impact as the rainbow palettes.


Tigger's rambling said...

Wowzer Audrey...the ink paletts look amazing :-)

CarolineO said...

OMG those inks are fab! who are they by? And sorry, the photo is stunning too of course!

eva birdthistle said...

Audrey love all the photos but there is something about the diamond lines that is amazing, the lighting is perfect, have no idea what it is too.

LOL @ Caroline!

Kate said...

Well done Auds, you've been shortlisted AGAIN!!!! Congrats

Audrey said...

Caroline - I got them at SAG but have lost the packaging!